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TradeRush General Information (Recantly changed to TR Binary Options Review)

Headquarters: Cavell House Stannard Place, Crispins Rd, Norwich, NR3 1YE, United Kingdom.
Regulated: No
USA Traders: Not Allowed
Available Assets: 180
Min. Deposit: $200
Min. Trade Size: $10
Max Trade Size: $5,000
Additional Features:
Platform Provider:  Spotoption
Languages: English,Italian, Chinese, Deutsch


TradeRush Broker Review 

TR Binary Options was originally called TradeRush and was launched in 2011. They are owned by Cheshire Capital Ltd. They are not regulated although they are claiming they are in process of being regulated.

Trading Platform

It is quite surprising that a broker that has been here for more than 5 years, have the same simple platform layout with no any special features and looks like any other brand new spotoption white label. In fact the only thing they did change is name and logo. So, as you can understand there is nothing too exciting with this broker platform. They do offer Things like Ladder Options and Strategy Advisor but these are default features giving by SpotOption.

Bonus & Withdrawal

TR Binary Options minimum bonus offer starts at 25% for any deposit of $500. For those who are interested in taking full advantage of a 100% bonus, a $25,000 deposit is required. When it comes to withdrawal terms and conditions, the rules are far from clear. As stated at their T&C: “The required turnover associated with any bonus rewards are subject to change”. This of course sound pretty shady and we warmly recommend to avoid taking the bonus. If you have decided to claim the bonus be sure to ask for a written agreement from TR Binary Options.

They do say that the required trading volume “may be” 30 times the given bonus, which is more or less like any other broker. The main problem is that they do not allow any funds withdrawing until trading requirements are fulfilled, including  your initial investment! So that’s another reason to  simply avoid the bonus.

Why to open an account with TR Binary Options

Great question! We usually find at least 1 reason why to trade with any given broker, yet with this one it was not an easy task. However, if I must find at least one reason why you should consider trading with TR Binary Options than I would say that the fact they are a new (since changing it name from TradeRush), they still deserve a  decent chance like any other broker out there.

Why NOT to open an account with TR Binary Options

When TR Binary Options was still called TradeRush, they used to have many bad reviews from clients all over the web. What brings me to believe that one of the reasons that lead this company to change its name, is in order to make traders think that this is a different company with a clean sheet history and by that not loosing potential new clients just because of the historical bad reputation. We cannot say that this means that TR Binary Options are a scam yet, we can say that all these changing companies and brand name smells not so good.

Apart from all that, neither TradeRush or TR Binary Options have any kind of regulation, and as always, we cannot encourage trading with a non regulated broker.

Wall Of Shame

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