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A good Binary Options Trading Signals service can help every binary options trade to improve his or her trading results. However, finding such service is not an easy task. Below you will find our list of all the best binary options signals and binary option robots services.

Signals Service: Binary Signals App

Signals Service: Binary Option Signals


Signals Service: Auto Binary Option


Signals Service: Option Robot


While many automatic binary options for trading systems exist, OptionRobot optimizes the trading system.  With OptionRobot, there is more control than there is usually with other robot trading systems.  With OptionRobot, the trader has control over their own settings, and so the trade does not need to adhere to the settings of the system.  The trader is able to make customizations that suit needs.  This includes the amount spent on the trade, as well as the different settings for indicators.

How Option Robot Works

OptionRobot is a simple trading software than is completely automated for binary options.  To get started with OptionRobot, all you need is to make an account and sign up with the binary option broker desired.  OptionRobot is a no cost option that allows money to deposit into the broker account.  Joining with OptionRobot takes approximately one minute to join, and deposits can be made safely and securely.

Trading Indicators

There are six trading indicators on the OptionRobot website which can be adjusted through the settings feature.  If multiple selections are made, the system will work in the order they are selected.  All indicators can be left running, or different indicators can be deactivated as is desired.  The six trading indicator options are: trend indicator, RSI indicator, Williams indicator, MACD indicator, STOCH indicator, and the CCI indicator.  Any trading indicator that does not meet the desires of the trader can be quickly turned off.

Trading Methods

When using OptionRobot, the system will continue trading whenever the OptionRobot browser is open.  Option Robot allows for three methods of use: Classic, Martingale, and Fibonacci.

The Classic method keeps the trading amounts the same, while the Martingdale method trades twice the amount when a loss occurs in order to ensure any profit.  The Classic System is considered the safest and secure option available of the three.

When there is a win on the Martingale method, the trading amount returns back to what it was set to be at the beginning.  The Martingdale System has faster profits and highest risk.

Fibonacci method utilizes an older method for trading.  The older mathematical system that adjust amounts to trade with on the basis of best possible odds is used with Fibonacci.  This system is known to be the most accurate, as the trading size will alter dependent upon the wins and losses.

Trading Amounts

With OptionRobot, the investor has the option to adjust trading amounts between 5 and 500 dollars.  Traders can set the OptionRobot to do multiple trades simultaneously at any time.  The robot allows anywhere from 1 to 8 trades at once.  The ability to make variations financially with trading means that there is leeway for those interested in trading.  There is no obligation to spend a high amount of a little amount.

Trading Success and Compatibility

Trading with OptionRobot has an average wining rate of 83%.  Compatible brokers with OptionRobot are: HBC Broker, uBinary, Opteck, Empire Option, Skyline Markets, 24Option,, Binary Tilt, Tropical Trade, Stock Pair, and Banc De Binary.

Signals Service: Automated Binary


Automated Binary is a great way to automate your binary option trading.  With Automated Binary, money management is possible at your desired trading size.

With Automated Binary, you are able to select which language is best for your trading.  Once this is selected, you can select what binary broker to select and where to deposit funds.

If undecided about whether or not to get involved with Automated Binary, there is a demo account available to test out.  With the demo account, there are free $50,000 to play around with.  Once testing out the system, it is easier to decide whether or not this is the best option to go with.

With Automated Binary allows 1-8 simultaneous trades to take place. The market indicators through Automated Binary are varying and allow customization as desired.

Trade Costs

Trades can be set between 5 and 500 dollars.  The trading is completely automated and the trader decides remains at whatever cost.

The classic system allows trades to remain typical and standard.  This is usually a great starting point for those that are less familiar with the trading.  This is the safest trading option.

The Margingale system is set up to allow losses to lead to doubling investments.

Once the losses are gained back through wine, the investment amount returns back to its original state.

With the Fibonacci system, accuracy is the most important element.  Mathematical expertise is utilized in order to ensure that the most accurate predictions are made regarding ups and downs.  Fibonacci’s math system was utilized for many years in the past, and is still considered an impactful and powerful means of deciding the best options in trading.

Algorithms are utilized in order to make the signals as refined as possible. Robots through Automated Binary are able to trade in Forex pairs, and allows you to make decisions to choose which pairs should be traded.


Automated Binary utilizes many different indicators.  The options include:

  • TREND indicator
  • CCI indicator
  • RSI indicator
  • WILLIAMS indicator
  • SOTCH indicator
  • MACD indicator


The return with Automated Binary is around 88%.  This return is much higher than the rate of many other binary options robots.  Automated Binary is trustworthy and regulated, allowing you to feel comfortable and safe with your investments.


Numerous brokers are available with Automated Binary.  These include:

24option, StockPair, BinaryTilt EmpireOption. Skyline Markets .Tropical Trade, Opteck, uBinary, HBC Broker, Stern Options


Automated Binary allows the use of a demo account that allows you to see your returns.  With this, it is not unusual to succeed – this demonstrates the high ability of the Automated Binary System.  The system works flawlessly to have the best possible results.

With Automated Binary, there is no reason to concern about the abilities and accuracy of a robot binary system.  Automated Binary is a high quality system that works to fulfill the best interest of the trader.  The different features allow the trader to customize their trading experience in order to optimize user experience.  With Automated Binary, there are no limits.

Signals Service: Signals365


Signals 365

If you’re having trouble maximizing the profits of your trading and making the most of your efforts, it might be time to invest in a binary option. With a 70% daily win rate, Signals 365 is an easy to use binary option for both beginners and experts that is guaranteed to optimize your trade profits. These binary option programs are capable of assisting your trading habits in several ways: some can be programmed to make certain trades for you (according to your parameters of course), while others simply alert you to optimal trades and provide you with all of the information for them. Either way they make trading a lot easier.

Why Signals 365

For those traders looking for a truly effective and unique binary option to better maximize their profits, Signals 365 is one of the best available options to consider. Having won the “Best Signal Service 2016” award, it has been touted as a superior binary option far and wide. While it isn’t an automated trading system like some of the few and far between competitors, it nevertheless offers several qualities that traders looking to simplify their work should be interested in.

What’s the Win Rate?

Looking to surpass its competitors in every way it can, Signals 365 has up to a seventy percent daily win rate, stemming from over a hundred daily trading signals. Signals 365 provides top notch long and short term signals with full detail in real time, allowing traders to make on the spot decisions on trades that they know are likely to yield profit.

Best for the Beginners

Best of all, it doesn’t take any real trading experience to use the Signals 365 binary option. It is extremely easy for beginners to use, requiring nothing more to get started than signing up with You can even get free signals to start with, allowing you to test the effectiveness of Signals 365 before committing to the cost of the software.

Signals 365 even provides dominant trading strategies for you to employ to further maximize your trade profits both with and without a binary option. These strategies have been tried and proven in the trading market for decades, guaranteeing them to be some of the most effective strategies available. However long you plan on working in the trading business, knowing these strategies will help you improve your chances of success.

All of these trading strategies have been formulated by professional traders and back stored over six months. With those strategies, Signal 365 generates trade signals at five, ten, and thirty minutes expiry times, providing any trader with plenty of opportunities to make a profit throughout the day.


For these reasons, Signals 365 is one of the most ideal binary options available. It’s super easy to sign up with Signal 365 and the numerous brokers it works with, and that’s all it takes to get access to hundreds of signals a day with a seventy percent win rate. Signals 365 has been well-lauded by its users and the brokers that partner with it.

Signals Service: John Anthony Signals


Making a good profit in the trading business isn’t always easy. It’s hard to know when to make the right move on the market all the time, and in the case of newcomers it can be extremely difficult to step into the business. For that reason, binary options exist: systems that work with criteria set by the user to determine which trades are the best for their situation. Binary options make it much easier to act on the best trades available the moment they become available, and John Anthony Signals is one of the best binary options out there. Accurate and quick to function, John Anthony Signals can help traders of all levels maximize their profits.

What is John Anthony Signals?

Like all binary options systems, John Anthony Signals aims to provide several signals to new and veteran traders so that they can not only be better informed of the most ideal trades, but also be able to act on them almost immediately. It also aims to make the process as simple as possible, notifying the trader and only requiring them to check asset, execution time, direction and expiry time before going through with a trade.

What Sets John Anthony Signals Apart?

There are a lot of binary options signals out there to consider as a trader. Some of them are automated, some offer more signals, and some offer greater customization in what kind of signals are received. They all have their pros and cons, but not all of them are free, and John Anthony Signals is. Aside from being extremely easy to use, John Anthony Signals is completely free, whether you make use of it on a computer or its app.

But being free of charge is something other binary options signals have too, so that can’t be its only defining trait. As far as legitimacy is concerned, the system used by the app has been developed by talented engineers with over fifteen years of experience. Its custom editing system also allows you to make your incoming signals extremely specific, so you can only be audibly alerted to the ones you would be truly interested in.

It also generates signals five days a week, during world foreign exchange market sessions. John Anthony Signals has no specific brokers, allowing you to trade with everyone and anyone you feel the most comfortable with. Finally, customer service is always available on either Skype of Facebook, where the team is ready and willing to answer any questions or concerns that may arise. For all of these, no software is required at all.


Of course, no binary option signal service would be very useful unless it provided high success rate deals, and the average success for asset wins in John Anthony Signals is seventy percent, ensuring that you are alerted to only the most potentially profitable deals. There are many binary option signal services to choose from, and there are definitely others worth praising, but the fact remains that John Anthony Signals can maximize your trade profits.


Signals Service: PiP365 


Making a profit in business isn’t a simple matter. It requires constant attention, and a lot of manual double-checking to see when a profitable new deal may be available. Binary options signal services aim to make that process much easier by either automating the process or automatically alerting traders to the most favorable of deals. This is the kind of service Pip365 Signal Service offers, allowing traders to maximize their profits in the most efficient way possible.

Automated Binary Options

There are several binary options signal services available, many of them similar to each other. What sets them apart is specific qualities, and in the case of Pip365 Signal Service, that defining aspect is the automatic trading option it has available. Granted, there are other automated services out there, but they are few and far between. Making use of this automated service is as easy as signing up with one of the brokers that make use of the platform, and if you already work with one of them, then using the service is free.

Like other signal services, PiP365 Signal Service mainly provides signals to a directly linked trading account. Because of this, traders are able to go through with a profitable trade with the simple click of a button. Traders can set up their own trades through the platform as well, allowing it to execute all trades, signaled or not, through this one platform.

The Good and the Bad

All services have pros and cons, including Pip365 Signal Service. Through this platform you can receive signals from five different signal brokers, and the platform itself executes all trades and handles the deposits. It is available to all U.S. traders, and it is capable of integration with existing Pro Signals accounts. On the flipside, the only real disadvantage of PiP365 is the fact that you can only withdraw funds through a direct broker’s account.

Of course, signal success rate is very important for a binary options signal service: generally speaking and signal service that doesn’t have a success rate of approximately seventy percent is behind the curve. That is the average, but PiP365 Signal Service goes slightly beyond it, with an average signal success rate of seventy five percent. In 2014, PiP365 Service Signals was awarded the ‘Best Signals 2014 Award.’


When it comes down to the wire, what really sets PiP365 Signal Service apart from the competition is the automatic function it has, allowing the service to execute trades itself based on parameters set by you, the trader. While there are a few other services out there that provide a similar option, they are very few of them, making them either hard to find or expensive. PiP365 Signal Service is neither of those things, providing a quick and easy means of executing trades and being alerted to profitable ones as soon as they become available. Without a doubt, binary options signal services make it much easier to maximize your trading profits with a broker.

Signals Service: Blue Sky



Blue Sky Binary is forex trading service and binary option, providing its subscribed members with trading ideas. Its owned by Neuchatel Limited, founded in 2011, a UK registered company that operates in the financial technology sector.

How It Works

While it falls into the trading signal provider category, it isn’t any ordinary provider. Most signal providers will ping you with a daily signal or two and if you miss them then you’ve missed out. However, with Blue Sky Binary you can take advantage of the trading rooms. There’s a Skype account which allows you to access trading ideas from market experts that are sharing their hints and tips. Those experts include traders from Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase.

Additionally, you can ask questions about strategies, as well as the risk levels of suggested trades. Traders can advance their skills, while trading per their risk level. Not only are these trading rooms available on desktop, but you can also access them from mobile platforms, meaning you can trade from wherever you are. There are experts from UK, EU, Asian, and US markets so no matter where you are, you can access trading ideas relevant to the market you want to trade on.

Win Rate

It’s a highly respected signal provider, however there is no promise of a certain win rate. Though, subscribing to the service should see you increase your wins significantly. There is no specific number of signals per day, it’s wholly dependent on the opportunities the system picks as well as the trading ideas from the experts. This means, though, that there are numerous opportunities.

The membership fee is $74.99, regardless of how you access it. Traders can try it out for just a penny a week which is taken from PayPal to ensure that your identity details are genuine. Receive signals for stocks, currencies, commodities, and indices daily.

Features & Benefits

There are alternative services which members can access from the homepage, allowing traders to maximize their membership. Those services, include:

Dashboard & Education a high yielding option, granting access to Skype rooms where you can get recommendations for investment, as well as a high-quality education. The dashboard will help filter and identify opportunities.

Binary Dashboard is an essential tool for traders and offers advanced indicators.

BSB Autotrader is the perfect option for beginners who are timid when forced to make a tough trading decision.

Signal Hive is for those traders who don’t have time to learn or rely on recommendations. Instead, it relies on 24 hour robotic and human trade recommendations. Per Blue Sky Binary it is the largest algorithmic and human signal market in the world.


Traders can use this service to enrich themselves with knowledge and access trading signals 24 hours a day. Before you commit to $74.99, try it out for a week for just a penny. The $74.99 membership fee alone is worth it, though, with most similar sites charging as much as $300 monthly.


There is no guaranteed success- provided you are prepared for the possibility of losing, you could potentially make a lot of money.


It’s plain to say, that no matter which options you use- Blue Sky Binary is one of the most efficient signal service providers on the market.

Signals Service: Auto Binary Signals


How Auto Binary Signals Works?

Auto Binary Signals is a signal service for binary options traders, it uses multiple technical indicators in order to provide signals to members. The software analyses software trends almost instantly saving you time and with more accurate results. After you have signed up, you will see various CALL/PUT signals for different stocks and currency pairs. These stocks and currency pairs come with a Trade Expectancy Percentage, the higher the Trade Expectancy Percentage, the more accurate the signal.

Auto Binary Signals offers signals for one to five-minute expiry times as well as fifteen to sixty-minute expiry times. Once a trader clicks to generate a signal they have three minutes to respond, which is a rather short time frame.

Are the Signals Accurate?

The signals Auto Binary Signals provides are accurate roughly 65% of the time, which is fairly low in comparison to other signal providers. This may be because Auto Binary Signals doesn’t offer information on the exact expiry time of their signals, meaning that the one to five-minute expiry time signals and fifteen to sixty minute expiry time signals have the same recommendations. It’s unlikely that Auto Binary Signals could provide accurate signals across such a wide time frame.

Advantages of Auto Binary Signals:

  • The software of Auto Binary Signals is user-friendly and simple to use; it requires no download and operates on any mobile or tablet device.
  • Auto Binary Signals operates 24/7 for all major currencies and stocks.
  • You can use Auto Binary Signals with any broker.
  • Each signal is accompanied with a Trade Expectancy Percentage which means you can choose to only utilize high percentage signals. High percentage signals can be defined as over 80%.
  • Auto Binary Signals is transparent, each signal comes with an explanation and methodology as to why it has been given a certain Trade Expectancy Percentage. This allows traders to understand how a signal has been calculated. However, since the charts aren’t set up to consider specific expiry times, the technical analysis may be correct but the signal loses accuracy due to the lack of expiry times.
  • Auto Binary signals offers a 60-day money back guarantee.

Disadvantages of Auto Binary Signals:

  • As previously mentioned, the application of the same recommendations across a broad range of time scales is by far the largest downfall. This simply lowers the accuracy of signals which is the whole point of the service.
  • While not necessarily a disadvantage for some, the cost of Auto Binary Signals is something to consider. The service costs $97 to sign up. Although there are lower rates for five to ten day trials and a money back guarantee. To receive a five-day trial for only five dollars, you just have to exit the homepage and reopen it twice. The first time you’ll receive an offer for the ten-day trial for ten dollars, the second the five-day trial will be offered. You’ll be charged the rest of the fee at the end of the trial so make sure you cancel if you don’t want to continue using the service.
  • Auto Binary Signals also tries to upsell various products and services once you’ve signed up. These include informative videos which cost between $100 and $200 dollars that basically just explain how signals are created. You don’t have to engage with the upselling, however, it can be irritating.


Auto Binary Signals ranks among the best and easiest to use compared to other signals traders. The main advantage is that you can use your current broker with the main disadvantage being the questionable accuracy of the signals. However, since there is a 60-day money back guarantee, you may as well try it for yourself as there is nothing to lose.

Signals Service: Binary Option Robot


About Binary Option Robot

This is a review based on the system, costs, win rate and an overall opinion on the services offered by the auto-trader service binary options robot. The information is based on the content found on

The versions available include a free version and an upgrade to pro version for $79. These are the only versions currently available.

How The Binary Option Robot Works?

The binary options robot automatically connects to your broker and places your trades. It does this automatically once the trading binary options are received. This automatic feature is not the only option to use since you can manually input your trades. There are six Technical indicators for the binary options robot which include trend, MACD, RSI, Stochastic, Williams and the CCI. You will require downloading the software to use this feature. You can then select the indicators you prefer to use to receive signals. After which, you will proceed to choose the currency pair, trading system, expiration time and the value per trade.

The Average Win Rate

In general terms, you will get a 70% win rate depending on the time frame you use. The web page, however, claims an 83% win rate. The win rates on their latest trades screen also are a little higher. It would also be wise to not use the 60s expiry time on the binary options robot since the signals are prone to the markets background noise.

Using the 15m, 30m or 60m expiry time guarantees you at least a 65% to 75% win rate. Most times you will win two of three trades. Due to the technical indicators that do not work efficiently during choppy markets or major market events, you will not win all the time.

The Available Systems

This software offers you three different systems to use the auto-trader option. The available systems are;

  • The classic system. This system will always trade the same amount whether you win or lose.
  • Martingale system. This system provides for an increase in your trade amount if you lose and resets to the initial amount after a win.
  • Fibonacci system. The trade amount in this system increases after a win and reduces after a loss.

The Free Version Features

The binary options robot for this version works on a stock pair. It however it limits trading at the following conditions;

  • A single binary options broker
  • The 3 provided trading systems
  • Three trading indicators
  • Two max simultaneous trades
  • Two currency pairs
  • Five minutes trades
  • The amounts per trade $10 for USA traders and $12 for other traders

The Pro Version Features

This version enables you to trade higher amounts and have access to more indicators and currency pairs. Its options include;

  • Three binary options broker
  • The three trading systems
  • Six trading indicators
  • Seven max simultaneous trades
  • Eight tradable currency pairs
  • Amounts from $10 to $500 for each trade (Top option- zoom trader)
  • Amounts from $12 to $500 per trade (stock pair)
  • 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 minutes trades
  • Free lifetime updates and upgrades
  • 60 days money back guarantee

Advantages and Disadvantages

The system is transparent and open in all its uses giving users a chance to use it widely. Easy and quick to install software make the system very user-friendly to all users and any probable new beginners. You can also configure the systems to suit your unique strategy. The auto trading software is programmed to work in various markets hence it can trade on different markets automatically. These are some of the advantages of the binary options robot.

The disadvantages are few the main one being since the system works on indicators it does not take into account choppy markets, candlestick patterns, market reversals or new releases. It also works on just tree brokers.

Signals Service: Binary Secret Code


Trades placed by the Binary Secret Code team can be copied using the Binary Secret Code. Binary options traders use this binary options signals service on various recommended binary options platforms. The trades can only be made on the given platforms.

This service operates by giving a trading signal with an audio alert. The signal appears on the left side of the interface from which the trader can then select the broker and implement the trade by selecting the required sections. It also allows traders to copy trades of the top traders.

All the asset types traded in the binary options market that is the Binary Secret Code offers currencies, commodities, stocks and stock indices.

How Does It Work?

The initial step is for the trader to open an account with an available broker and deposit fund in it. After the deposit confirmation from the broker, the trader then sends an email to This then enables the Binary Secret Code team to activate the trader’s account. Once the account is initiated, you can then receive signals information and copy trades.

Contracts on which the trade signals are used to trade on have life spans of 60 seconds, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes or even an hour. There also other long-term contracts that can be traded on. The sound alert that comes with the signals ensures that the trader is aware of the trade signals and can, therefore, trade in time.

Cost, Profitability and Customer Service

The Binary Secret Code signals are free for the recommended broker platforms given. These brokers include CherryTrade, OneTwoTrade, OptionRally, Bloombex Options, and GTOptions.

The Binary Secret Code team gives a high percentage of profits from its signals however traders should make small amounts at the start. This will help in determining the traders own profitability. The team claims 13 out of 17 profitable trades in a single instance. They also guarantee traders to make $500 to $1,000 in a day while on the conservative side. Traders are also advised to not withdraw more than $5,000 from brokers so that they are not over whelmed by withdrawal requests.

Special Features

The Binary Secret Code service has the following unique features;

  • Agents recommended are reliable. The Binary Secret Code team also ensure to re-evaluate them and remove any who misbehave routinely.
  • The brokers also accept deposits from PayPal which is not the usual with most brokers.

The customer service team can be reached through email by sending emails to This is the only means of getting customers service.


The high profits claimed from very low account holders bring you to question how a skew in the balance of trades will not be reached due to the lack of liquidity. Though very attractive are the signal service offers this situation will make many a trader resist in using the service in fear of high losses. Their profit table also operates on the principal of compounding which is great, but then it would be of advantage if the team could give details on both of these properties.

Signals Service: Quantum Binary Signals


With over twenty years of experience of professional, wealthy ex-hedge fund traders and by the use of the best strategies currently available the Quantum Binary Signals was developed. This Quantum Binary Signals is a binary options signals service.

The Asset Types Traded

The signals themselves are not available for stocks. However, the signals covered under the Quantum Binary Signals service cover currencies, commodities, and stock indices.

How Does It Work?

An SMS is provided to subscribers on their mobile phone giving them the trading signals. To ensure that the SMS arrive promptly traders are requested to provide their phone numbers plus the country code. This information is given at the time of payment. The signals have a life span of three hours within which traders are expected to trade them.


Prospective clients of the Quantum Binary Signals have the chance to try out the service for $9.99 for a seven-day free trial. At the end of the seven days, a monthly charge of $99.99 is automatically applied. However, within the seven days, the customer may decide to deactivate the automatic bill. Payments are accepted on ClickBank through PayPal, Skrill, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.


The Quantum Binary Signals web page has a claim of a 75% to 85% profitability per month. For three months a trader, George Garoufalis, back tested the signals and realized a historical achievement of 72.5% profitability. Hence it is safe to assume the websites claim is true.

They have a simple belief of taking few traders of high quality a day. Instead of sending hundreds of signals they send about 25 trading signals per month. Their plan is to send signals that will give high profits and limit the risk of losing money. Quality before quantity. Nevertheless, customers can effectively evaluate the service during the trial period.

Special Features

The Quantum Binary Signals special features include;

  • The signals are delivered via SMS to the client’s phone thus giving them the chance to either access a web-based platform or use a mobile trading app provided by the broker. This makes the whole process a lot easier.
  • A 60-day money back guarantee. The guarantee provides a return of the total value paid for the service for any disgruntled customer. Most clients look for such guarantees when dealing with financial trading products.

Customer Service

They provide two ways of contacting them for any assistance. There is a contact form on their contact us page that one can use or by sending an email to

Final Note

The website is a little crowded. It would be more efficient for beginners if the sites content is more informative about their service and how to use it. Also since the signals have a no particular time or day as to when they will be sent customers have to use their mobile phones to trade in the case that they cannot access a computer.  Regarding use the service is limiting since the clients have no prior knowledge of when they will receive the signals and make preparations on how to trade.

Signals Service: Signal Push


What is Signal Push?

Signal Push is an auto-trading service. That means, like the word auto-trading suggests, the service is able to trade for you rather than you trading manually. It permits users to connect to independent signal providers and copy trades as they’re happening. On Signal Push, there are several signal providers that you can choose from. Essentially, these signal providers charge you money every month and you can see their win-rates and previous trades before you choose to copy those same signals. While there are many upsides to the system, it forces you to use the same platform as the signal provider or else the service won’t work.

In order to view binary option, you must click on “Provider Marketplace”. Signal Push is different than other signal services because it provides transparency through giving you access to historic win-rates and they giving you information about themselves, like their trading techniques, website URL, and their monthly fee.

How do I Subscribe?

Firstly, you must know that with any signal provider, you’ll be paying a monthly fee. This charge depends completely on their trading volume and their previous success. Normally, the monthly fee ranged from one hundred to two hundred dollars per month but it can go up to three hundred dollars.

Secondly, you need to pay a visit to the Trade Copier so that you can select your provider and submit your trading details; for example, the amount you wish to trade. Then, log into your account and the system will trade the account for you. Should you want to wait on trading, you can still receive the signals and place the trades on your own.

Average Win-Rate

Signal Push provides a leaderboard of signal providers which shows their average win-rates. It can also show you the number of trades they’ve done within one month, three months, or overall.

The average win-rate for on Signal Push is 62 and it varies depending on the signal provider, the monthly number of signals, and their trading numbers.

The number of signals you get each day depends on your signal provider; however, most provide you with one or two per day. Keep in mind that signal providers who give you more than two signals per day usually have lower success rates.

Supported Brokers

BeeOptions, Ubinary, and Stockpair are just a few out of hundreds of brokers which are supported by Signal Push.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The aforementioned transparency of Signal Push is perhaps their biggest advantage because the website has listings of all previous signals as well as the average win-rate, asset, and time. Here, you can choose a signal provider based on the assets you’re trading; also, you can comprehend the risks and rewards of the signals before you invest in them.

Signal Push gives you a free month of signals if you register through an affiliate link on the site AND you’re offered sixty percent ITM over the term of your subscription. Either this, or the following week, you’re given a discount of seventy percent.

Signal Push is efficient and simplistic when it comes to setting up. It’s also suitable for beginners. You have the option of trading signals manually or automatically.

The disadvantages of Signal Push begin with the following: the monthly fees are exceedingly high for the conservative win rates; for example, you could end up paying over two hundred dollars per month and get a win-rate of seventy percent or less.

Another disadvantage is that the same broker as the signal provider is needed in order to run the service. If, then, your signal provider is using StockPair and another uses TradeRush, you need to have two accounts to copy both. It’s understandable because different platforms have different times of expiry. Also, the maximum trade for nearly all signal providers on Signal Push is fifty dollars.


The service is not all that worthwhile because the monthly fees are exaggerated. Just to break-even with this service, you must have a win-rate of fifty five percent. You may want to consider tradign for yourself rather than using the signals of other people.

Signals Service: Signals Binary


How Signals Binary Works:

Signals Binary provides information feeds pertaining to different stocks via SMS or email to a trader. These signals are live and are meant to identify potentially lucrative trades by analysing patterns and trends within a certain market or stock. Based in the UK, Signals Binary has been in the business since binary options emerged and has a strong track record of success in delivering trading strategies. Since these strategies are delivered by SMS or email, traders know as soon as Signals Binary knows about a stock. These signals are CALL/PUT which require traders to make a decision within ten minutes, to help with these decisions the information you receive will include recommendations.

To use Signals Binary, traders must be registered with a binary options broker, Signals Binary offers a good list of options. The service is free of charge, however, traders can pay for different packages which raise the amount of signals traders receive in a day and offer more services from Signals Binary.

You may be wondering that if Signals Binary offers its service free of charge, how it makes money. The answer is through affiliate marketing. You sign up with one of the brokers that Signals Binary recommends and they make a certain amount of money from that broker who is making money from your trade deals.

Trading School:

The services Signals Binary offers does not stop there; they also provide services to help make you a better trader yourself. For example, Signals Binary has created a trading school which offers guidance for traders to learn more about binary options trading and strategies. This school offers lessons from beginners to advanced, all at no extra cost.  Traders can learn different terms used in binary options trading, trading strategies, and they will gain a greater understanding of how financial announcements work and what they mean.


Further, Signals Binary also provides reviews of various services related to binary trading. These reviews include other trading platforms, binary options brokers, as well as customer reviews of Signals Binary itself which gives traders an understanding of other users experiences using the services.

Further Advantages:

Other advantages to using Signals Binary are that it requires no software installation, daily market reviews and analysis, dedicated support team, and trading strategies on multiple currency types, stocks, indices, and commodities. Signals Binary also allows users access to an economic calendar as well as a forum where different traders can share their experiences.


As is the case with the stock market, Signals Binary cannot guarantee success. However, your chances of success are much higher by utilizing a services such as Signals Binary. Signals Binary can be used however you’d like, ranging from a simple user-friendly experience to more advanced features. Traders are alerted on the go so you will always know exactly when you can make your next great trade deal. And since you can use the service free of charge, there is no reason not to give Signals Binary a try.

Signals Service: Updown Signals


This binary option signals service provides algorithm based signals to subscribers for use in the binary options market. For those who do not have time to make an analysis of markets and charts, the UpDown Signals are a go to. The service will enable them to make an extra dollar while on their day jobs.

Asset Types Traded

The UpDown Signal trade alert service covers over 70 assets which cover all class assets in the binary options market. Currencies, stocks, commodities and stock indices are all covered.

How Are The Signals Delivered?

To ensure prompt delivery, the trade signals are sent directly to traders via SMS to their mobile phones. Given that most individuals own cell phone this form of delivery works well and for those with smartphones they can go ahead and trade on their phones with the brokers. To receive the SMS traders are required to provide their phone numbers plus their country codes. The UpDown Signals team can then activate the messages to be sent to them.

The signals have a lifespan of three hours. In the three hours a forecast of the direction, be it up or down, is made for various assets. Once the US session opens for business, then the signals are sent 1 to 2 hours later. The text message sent will include the asset, the trade direction, and the price at entry, the expiry time and the time the signal was sent.

Cost and Profitability

The UpDown Signals binary options service provides for all possible traders. They do so by giving them a number of categories. The ‘not sure’ traders are given a seven day trial period for just $25. The same 7 day trial period is offered to professional traders at $4.99 and comes with a three-month subscription of $197 after the seven days. The another option is a monthly recurring membership which charges $4.99 for the seven-day trial period and $97 for the coming months.

The UpDown Signals team makes a claim of 70% profit on their web page. It, however, important that traders use the trial period given to ascertain if this claim is true. The site, however, shows that in any given week more money is made rather than lost. The company gives results for various weeks. It is, therefore, wise to evaluate those results before selecting which option to use for trading. The UpDown Signals team realize it is important to give their clients some money management aspects and therefore have a page on their website where traders can access such information.

Special Features and Customer Service

The UpDown Signals have various special features which include;

  • An affiliate system that offers a percentage of the subscription fees to those who can promote the service.
  • A 60-day money back guarantees for subscribers.
  • There is a feature which allows autonomous providers of signals services as well as owners of thriving EAs to apply to become partners with UpDown Signals. Those with systems established to work can get paid a share of subscription fees for the adoption of their products.

The customer service team can be reached via email at