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OptionBit Review

The company has been providing trading options to the users on the internet. They are able to accomplish the task from any of the locations around the globe. Even a novice or expert can engage in trading without any prior knowledge. Simple user interface has been the top priority of the website so that people can understand the nuances of the binary option. Prior to the purchase of application, traders can use the demo to gain expertise. Many people are joining the bandwagon of Forex trade and are delighted with the application. Option builder is one of the most important t facets of the application because it helps to simplify the process and allows traders to indulge in trading.

OptionBit General Information

Year of formation: 2009
Location: Cyprus
Deposit account: $250
Maximum amount used: $1000
Platform: Tradologic

Usability 7/10

Easy user interface is one of the most important aspects of trading because people from walks of life could participate in the process. In spite of different software available in the market, individuals prefer to use the application which has attracted the attention of the users. Traders can use the pay pal as well as the credit card for financial transactions. All the business dealings are secured by the SSL software which is hard to decrypt by the hackers.

Website extras 6/10

The software application is bestowed with extra qualities that help the traders to get accustomed with its operation. Process of entering data is easy providing results to the customers. The novice could use the demo to get an inside view of the trading options. Virtual economic calendar is provided to the people so that they get regular information updates. One of the best possible functions is the news information which provides an opportunity to build the list of latest information. Company designing the application has laid stress on the quality because it allows the people to get trained in the nuances of trading. The extra features in the software are less; however they exude class and quality. After the purchase of the software, people are bound to get impeccable results.

Support quality 5/10

After sales support of the software is simply outstanding and amazing. The company has provided plethora of customer support numbers to the users so that people are able to utilize them based on their requirements and specifications. One of the best features is the chat support services which are attended by the efficient agents round the clock. Phone offers voice based services without incurring any cost. The technical support staff guides the customers to use the application in an impeccable manner. Unlike the other trading software, optionbit is unique because the agents reply to the information in a very short time frame. Message support is available to the users based on their demands and preferences. Information regarding the software is frequently exchanged between the customers and the technical support executives.

Fees and commissions 7/10

While using the software, the trading process is a breeze. In comparison to other applications there are no complexities and hidden charges that might dampen the spirits of the traders. There have been instances with other software when the people had to bear enormous charges. One can transfer the money easily through the pay pal or the credit card. There are some clients who demand wire transfer which could escalate the expenses by 25$. It is important to understand the trading in detail before purchasing the application.

No of Assets 7/10

In modern era the nature of trading has undergone a huge change. People are dealing in different currencies and there are different stocks to choose from. Commodity stocks along with the indices are used to provide huge profits to the users. The software provides numerous alternatives to the users so that they can trade in varieties of denominations. According to the experts, there are more than 81 assets that offer plethora of options to the people.

Languages 8/10

The optionbit is one of the most versatile software that captivates the imagination of the people. It is available in different languages dealing with people who are situated across the world. With the arrival of the application, it has become possible for the users to indulge in trading in different languages. English along with Arabic, Spanish and German are incorporated into the software. It is important to select the option based on the desires and preferences.

Expiry range of options 7/10

There are multitudes of expiry times which are provided in the application. Apart from 15 minutes, one can set the time as 1 hour and 1 day as well, however it might not prove to be handy for experienced traders.

Effective return 6/10

The software is blessed with amazing return rate. When the traders are trading in the stocks, the software provides 75% return on the money.

Loyalty offers 6/10

If the customer is loyal, there are fantastic bonuses for the users. After signing up, the prospective users get fabulous discounts.

Payment methods 6/10

The software supports E wallet and money bookers for conducting the financial transactions.