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Headquarters: 311 South Wacker Drive, Suite 2675, Chicago, IL 60606.
Regulated: Yes
USA Traders: Allowed (Accepts only US residents and citizens)
Available Assets: 30
Min. Deposit: $100
Min. Trade Size: $0.01
Max trade Size: $
Additional Features: Early close, Real short, Bitcoin trading
Platform Provider: IG Group
Languages: English


Nadex Broker Review 

NADEX stands for North American Derivatives Exchange and is the only CFTC regulated binary options broker. So for all US based traders this is really the only legitimate broker for binary trading.  NADEX is owned by IG Group, that is based in Chicago, Illinois and subject to US law. Apart from binary options, IG Group provides Forex and CFDs trading.

Nadex Trading platform

Their trading platform is not fun! It looks very old fashion and reminds me how the first version of Windows looked like. However, it is easy to use and even the new traders among you should be able to figure out how to use it.

Due to the fact that Nadex is not a typical binary broker, many binary traders are still not quite sure regarding what exactly is Nadex and what are the differences between them to all other binary brokers.

On the trading platform there are 2 possible types of trading. The typical binary options and Nadex spreads. The spreads trading does not exist on most European binary option brokers, and are basically a bit like trading spot forex.

With Nadex binary options there are two possible values at expiration; they can be either in the money or out of the money, and if the option is out of the money you will be losing your whole investment, just like with European binary brokers.

How does Nadex works

The biggest difference between the European style binary brokers and Nadex is that with EU brokers, the trader choose how much he wants to invest and from that moment on, the only thing that does change is the strike price of the underlying asset.

With this broker however, the strike price stays the same, and the only thing that changes is the the investment that the traders are willing to invest. So it’s basically a whole different approach compared to the regular binary options.

2 important major differences between Nadex and all the rest

Firstly, when choosing an option, it’s price will always be determined by the price of the underlying asset, and will range between $0 and $100. For example, if you will open a position on $70 and you will hold it until it expires, in case your prediction was correct you will receive $100 profit. In case you do not want to wait until the expiration time you can choose to sell your position before, and to receive the current market price.

Secondly, one of the greatest advantages Nadex has to offer is the fact that you can really get into a short position, Exactly like in the real market! For example: Let’s assume you are bearish on a certain asset, and you predict that it will go down, meaning decrease in it’s value, than all you need to do is to sell it. In that case your account will be credited. If you were right in your prediction and the option indeed closes below the strike price, you will win the credit, if it doesn’t  you will need to pay $100.

nadex platform

Nadex Bonus

They do not offer the regular 100% bonus you are probably familiar with, as a matter a fact they do not offer any money rewards or bonuses. The reason is due to the fact that these kind of rewards are totally against CFTC regulations.

Why to open an account with Nadex

Well there are many reasons why you should trade with Nadex, but there are 3 mains reasons I would like to emphasize.

Firstly, they are CFTC regulated, and that means that your money is protected as much as it can possibly be.

Secondly, the speed they processes withdrawal requests, in most cases not more 3 business days, which is by far the fastest in the industry!

Last reason for why I think you should trade with Nadex is their very low commissions. They charge only $0.90 per a single lot and a maximum of $9 for the maximum contract sizes.

Why NOT to open an account with Nadex

They do offer a quite limited list of assets one can trade from (only 30) compared to all other binary brokers we reviewed. They also do not offer short terms expiries such as 60 seconds, and the shortest expiry that is being offered is 5 minutes. Oh and yes, if you are not US citizens, you won’t be able to trade with this broker.


Long story short, if you are a US citizen, you really need to be thankful to have this broker as an option, as for Nadex takes only US citizens.

Wall Of Shame

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