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Ayrex General Information

Headquarters: Long Point Road, Charlestown, St. Kitts and Nevis.
Website: http://www.Ayrex .com
Regulated: No
USA Traders: Not Allowed
Available Assets: 50
Min. Deposit: $5
Min. Trade Size: $5
Max Trade Size: $5,000
Additional Features:
Platform Provider:  Ayrex
Languages: English,Italian, Chinese, Deutsch


Ayrex Broker Review 

Ayrex is a new broker founded in 2015, so they are obviously one of the newest binary options brokers out there. Like many other brokers, they have also chosen their official destination in an offshore country, at Charlestown, Nevis, St. Kitts and Nevis. They are owned by ‘Advanced Binary Technologies Ltd’. They are a non regulated broker, yet claiming they are in advance stage of being regulated.

Trading Platform

Finally a platform that is not falling under either ‘Spotoption or Tech Financials. They have developed their own platform, which if it is true, it’s impressive by itself. So as you can see at the print screen above, the trading platform does look very different from other platforms. It’s main advantage is the fact it is super fast, which is obviously essential for fast execution of trades. Ayrex also gives out a demo account quite easily, which is not so common among binary brokers and great for getting familiarize with their platform before risking any real money.

Unique Features

After all the kind words, its time for some negative stuff. Well not really but we are quite sorry to say they do not have any exciting features, which is quite disappointing when taking into consideration the fact they have developed their own platform, you would expect they will come up with some cool stuff.

However, I do want to mention the fact they allow traders to open an account with only $5, which is by far the lowest amount among all binary options brokers. I assume the reason that the minimum amount to start with is that low because they wanted to have some sort of advantage against more veteran brokers, as Ayrex, are still considered as “The new kid in the block”.


Like all other brokers, Ayerx is no different when it comes to giving out bonuses for traders as an incentive for making a deposit (I am still waiting for the first binary broker which would not use bonuses).

So what’s on the bonuses menu, well, for any deposit above $500 you would get around 20%-30%. Yet, bonuses cannot go over $10,000. Again, like all other brokers, bonuses will lead to a blockage if your initial investment, until trading requirements are met or bonus is canceled. The requirements are 40 times the bonus which is high. For example: On a $1,000 bonus you will need to reach a trading volume of 40,000!

Why to open an account with Ayrex

Ayrex are new so it was hard to find too many negative review online, so for the time being I will still give them some credit for being a legit binary broker. Apart from that, don’t forget you can start with as low as $5,  so what’s the worse thing that can happen!?

Why NOT to open an account with Ayrex

There are not too many reason to be honest, yet they are still not regulated, and for more than a year claiming they are in the process of getting their certificates, so something is is not right here. Another strange thing I have encountered, is the amount of good reviews they have, which make it seems like many of them are fake and perhaps even paid. I am not saying it is impossible but it does looks strange.

As always, we will keep on checking and will let all of you know if something new comes up in regards to this broker.

Wall Of Shame

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