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Stockpair vs Anyoption

Stockpair vs Anyoption the Battle of-the Proprietary Platforms

Choosing a trading platform is one of the most important decisions every binary options trader will have to make. Features vary greatly from broker to broker, it is therefore very important for traders to do some research in other to determine which broker best fit their particular need.  In this article we will be checking two reputable brokers with excellent platforms for experienced and novice traders alike,  Stockpair vs Anyoption . But even these two binary options brokers have some major differences.  This article will seek to throw more light on which of the two platforms comes out on top when compared.

Stockpair vs Anyoption

Owned and operated by Ouroboros Derivatives Trading Ltd, a Cyprus investment firm regulated by the (CySEC) Cyprus Securities and investment Commission, AnyOption has been in operation since 2008. AnyOption is one of the oldest brokers in the industry with a solid reputation and tons of experience and remarkable innovation.

StockPair, on the other hand, has been operating since 2010 under Nextrade Worldwide Ltd, a company licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Investment Commission.  Just like AnyOption, StockPair is also known for its incredible innovative spirit and professionalism.  They are also known for being the first binary brokerage firm to introduce Pair Options, a trading style that was later adopted by many other brokerage firms.

Stockpair vs Anyoption – Brand Power

Both of this binary options brokerage firms are recognizable brands. It is unlikely for a binary options trader who has been in the industry for a considerable amount of time not to have heard of these two brands. In terms of brand power, they are evenly matched. Due to the fact that there is no known sponsorship or partnership for both of them, statistics is the most available criteria for comparisons.  Though both of them have a monthly reach of about 400k users per month, StockPair seem to be a little bit ahead with 403k users compared to AnyOption’s 374K users, according to  While StockPair is popular in France and Italy, AnyOption is stronger in Turkey and Spain.

Stockpair vs Anyoption who’s Public Image is Best

It is already on record that both firms have good reputation and they are both considered reliable and trustworthy. Also, no major fines have been handed out to either of them and no major scam reports regarding them has surfaced. However, when it comes to rating by, StockPair is way ahead. StockPair has a rating of 3/5 while AnyOption is rated 1/5. That is a huge different and AnyOption is known to have spammed FPA forums in the past.

Platform Technology

While both platforms have done a great job building their own trading platform from scratch,  which has resulted in 2 of the most reliable and user-friendly platforms currently in the binary options industry, StockPair trading platform seems to have a better trading interface and charts. To AnyOption’s credit, they offer more options such as Bubbles, One Touch, Option+, Up/Down and Binary 0-100 Options. StockPair on the other hand, has a limited toolbox of Pairs, Up/Down and KIKO.  AnyOption obviously comes out on top in this aspect.

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Usability and Innovation

As stated above, both platforms are known for their innovative tendencies.  StockPair recently introduced an innovative trading option known as KIKO (Knock In- Knock Out) options: here, traders don’t need to choose an expiry due to the fact that there is no expiry.  In this trading option, two predefined levels are given and traders have to choose which one will hit first, without time restriction. The option does not expire until either of the two levels is hit. Not wanting to be left out, AnyOption introduced Bubbles.  Here is how bubbles work: on the trading chart, you have a bubble which can be moved around and expanded. If at expiry, price ends up inside your bubbles, you automatically win the trade. The smaller and precise the bubble, the more you win. Both platforms are evenly matched on innovation and usability.

User’s View

This is where things get interesting. They are evenly matched until users are asked to weigh in. AnyOption is the hardest hit in this aspect.  Users generally have low opinion of AnyOption, which is why their score is very low on Some users have complained bitterly of getting locked out of their account soon after making some winning trades. Other has complained of bad service. On the other hand, StockPair has a pretty solid reputation with minor complaints here and there.

Stockpair vs Anyoption Bottom-line

The two trading platform has done remarkably well in positioning their brand and incorporating innovative technologies and trading options on their platform. While it is hard to separate them in all the criteria judged, StockPair comes out far ahead in the most crucial category, which is user’s opinion. StockPair has demonstrated remarkable innovative spirit and a professional approach over time, however, the deciding factor as users’ positive opinion of them. So in Stockpair vs Anyoption battle, Stockpair are the current winners!

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