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The Trader Perspective

The markets never sleep except on weekends, especially the largest market in the world based on volumes of trade, the Foreign Exchange market, commonly known as the Forex or the FX market. Also, there is no one common central place for this market and the trading happens from multiple spots across various time zones of the world. So in order to make the right split second decisions to ensure success, what a trader needs is one place which provides all the necessary right inputs, the pointers that matter, relevant news, market analysis with depictive graphs, real time exchange rates and more. This need is what gave birth to FXStreet, aptly named, as this is the one place that makes you street smart when it comes to Foreign Exchange trading. Born in the year 2000, FXStreet has since emerged as one of the leading financial portals dedicated to Foreign Exchange trading. One look at the numerous statistics of FXStreet is all you need to know to be convinced about its standing and trustworthiness in the market.


FXStreet at a glance

  • More than 750,000 unique visitors in a month
  • Available in 17 languages across the globe
  • 24/5 coverage of the markets and related news
  • 140 plus live webinars per month
  • Data coverage from over 1000 economic events
  • News items greater than 650 per day
  • 350 plus content contributors
  • Report updates crossing 220 per day

FXStreet across the years

FXStreet idea was born in 2000 in Spain and was truly an adventurous and ambitious project created by Francesc Riverola, along with his partners and companions –Miriam Pinatell (his wife) and Sergi Fernández. An international FX website in English FXStreet, the first of its kind, was thus born in Spain, providing information and tools necessary for Forex traders. Slowly in 2003, the team started expanding and today FXStreet has a core 25 member team that operates out of Barcelona and around 30 people who help provide the necessary 24/5 support from the prominent market spots globally. Though the main FXStreet website is in English, it is also available in 16 other languages, namely Spanish, Japanese, simplified and traditional Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Indonesian, French, Italian, Turkish, Vietnamese, German, Hungarian, Portuguese, Korean and Catalan. This is what makes it a truly global.

The FXStreet website has changed over the years in order to make sure that unbiased latest inputs reach its various collaborators like Banks, Educators, Independent Analysts, Brokers and the general audience. The now popular sections like Webinars, Upcoming Economic events, Currencies-at-a-Glance tool now part of the technical studies, Real Time Economic Calendar, the Learning Center etc. are just a few of the initiatives from the FXStreet team to keep its audience connect. Between 2007 and 2012, five editions of the International Traders Conference (ITC) were hosted in Barcelona by FXStreet, with guest speakers and traders from around the world. In 2011, they also came out with the Forex Best Awards and then followed it up with a Forex Best person of the year as well.

Being mobile is nowadays considered to be the best success mantra and true to this, the FXStreet team has ensured that their website is now accessible from all screen sizes and devices to provide the optimized user experience to its ever growing audiences.

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