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Binary Options Robot

Over the last couple of years many binary options robot have emerged and are now available for binary options traders, who wish to trade automatically. The most complicated part regarding binary options robot is to find the ones that really work.


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In order to make sure you won’t be investing your money with a scam binary options robot, we have gathered for you a few key factors you should be paying attention to.

Binary Options Robot that is promising 90% accuracy rate, watch out!

Many Binary Options robot tend to provide false reports regarding their accuracy rate. Let’s put it this way, there are no chance a robot is making 80%-95% for the long run. There are some positive day with high accuracy rate but there are also bad trading days so on average it is quite impossible to maintain above 80% accuracy rate constantly. So before choosing a binary option robot, be sure to search information regarding it’s real results as well as asking on binary options forums if anyone already used that robot before.

Does it matter what binary options broker I use with the robot? OFCOURSE!

As always, does not matter if you are using a binary option robot or not, it is highly recommended you will be using a regulated broker when trading binary options. In case you are not sure regarding the binary broker you are about to invest your funds with, feel free to contact us or approach our binary community for help.

Moreover, before depositing money into your broker account, verify with your Binary Options Robot how does the configuration works to make sure it is not too complex.

Ask for details regarding how do the robot works, Don’t be shy! 

How many trades per day? does the robot use technical or fundamental analysis? How long does the robot exist? The more questions you will ask the less chances you will be scammed! You should also know that some binary option robots are fully robotic and are being controlled by algorithms who might  randomly be generating trades, where other trading robots, are fully controlled by real binary traders. In our opinion is it more safe to use robots that are being controlled by real traders, algorithmic robots in this industry are less trustable.

Risk settings, essential for any proper  binary options robot

Maybe one of the most important things you should be looking for when choosing a binary options robot. Risk settings will allow you to set the guidelines for how the robot will be trading for you. For example, how many trades per it will execute, Min. and Max. amount per trade, Max losses amount per day, etc’.

The more you can control your binary options robot the less losses you might be having.

binary options robot

How can one recognize a Scam binary Robot?

Whenever you come across a low level of website or an app design. Scam binary options robots do not usually put any affort in design part and are more focus on how to make money as fast as possible.

Another important sign you should pay attention to with trading robots is the ones that do not offer previous trading results. If there is no clear visible display of past results, stay away from that robot! 

Before writing this article I have checked most of the binary robots that are currently operating in the market, and I must say that there are many shady robots out there, so be sure to use this article guidelines before you start using your binary option robot.

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