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60 Seconds Binary Options Strategies

3 Best 60 Seconds Binary Options Strategies

The 60 Seconds Binary Options , ever since they were first introduced, have become quite famous. There are continuous debates about whether short-term trading is really beneficial or if they are riskier gambling. There are several scalpers, though, who have understood the pulse of the market in a short time and have made profits in a matter of seconds.

High-Frequency Traders (HFT) are now on the rise with the emergence of e-trading. They form a majority in the liquid markets. Their success itself is an answer to the debate on whether short term binary options trading can be successful. Remember that those scalpers, who succeeded, had few of the best strategies to make such profits through short-term trading. Here are a few such strategies you could use. With all of them, besides following the respective targeted parameters, identify and closely watch a pair of currencies that are following the similar range.

60 Seconds Binary Options

Support and Resistance Levels

Take out the candlestick chart of the trade you wish to invest in. Either with the information from a broker or by analyzing and plotting yourself, draw the resistance and support lines on the chart.

The key to this strategy is to recognize the times when the price of the asset either falls or rises from a resistance or support level. Once you have figured out these times, do a price test of the levels. If you find that the next occurring candlestick confirms your observation, open a CALL or PUT binary option if the price has rebounded from a support or resistance level. By doing this with one of the currencies identified with a 60 seconds expiry time, you can successfully make a profit.

“Trend is your friend”

Well, if you are someone who follows this adage, then the second strategy we will talk about is to follow the trend. To successfully use this strategy, choose an asset whose trade has been bearish or bullish for quite enough time. Draw the upper and lower trend lines for the trade. For example, in the case of a marked bearish market, here’s what you do-

  • For the upper trend line connect all the lower highs
  • For the lower trend line, connect the lower lows.

In a bearish channel, if you see the price falls after the upper trend line is hit, initiate PUT binary options. Initiate a CALL when the rise is above the lower trend line in a bullish channel.

Price test your observation with the upper trend line and wait for the present candlestick to form fully. If that candlestick closes below the level, activate a PUT option. Use the currency from the pair you have been observing with a 60 seconds expiry time. That is how you use this 60 seconds binary options trading strategy.

Breakout Strategy

One of the most favorite 60 seconds binary options strategies that can yield great returns is the breakout strategy. This strategy can be used in the cases of the assets whose prices have been oscillating within a specific range. If it has been within this range for a long time, look for when it breaks out. After the breakout, it would follow the same direction for a while.

In the trading chart recognize the upper and lower lines below which the prices have been fluctuating. When you spot a breakout from this pattern, and if this seems to sustain, then that is the ideal time to trade. When you have identified a breakout, wait for the complete candlestick. Verify if the lowest of the candlestick is quite lower than that of the previous range. Initiate a PUT option at this point with an expiry period of 1 minute.

Keep in mind that this is a dynamic form of trading and so risk a lower equity percentage.


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