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Binary Options 60 Seconds

Trading binary options implies taking a position down or up, by predicting whether an asset will gain or lose value over a predetermined period of time. 60 seconds options are just like the name suggests, options that expire in exactly one minute and traders cash in on winning trades almost immediately. All it takes is to predict whether an asset will appreciate about the specified value, or sink below it and wait for a minute to see the results. It is a suitable strategy for those who are not risk averse and aim high profits within a tight time frame.

When it comes to binary options 60 seconds options traders are allowed to invest as little as five dollars and up to $100 per trade.

There is an indissoluble link between the risks taken and potential profits so those who are trying this strategy for the first time should choose the minimum trading amount. By doing so they don’t put down a lot of cash per trade, and can secure relatively easy gains without waiting a long time for the option to reach the expiry date. Before trading 60 seconds options, one should make sure that he has access to a solid charting package and know how to interpret the individual instruments they trade.

Binary Options 60 Seconds

How to trade binary options 60 seconds


Let’s assume that you know that a certain announcement is about to be made, and you are sure that this announcement will have implications on a certain financial asset.

Since you are not the only one who knows those facts, the volatility levels would probably go higher prior to, and after the announcement, that is why you would want to decrease the time you are exposed to the market (holding an open position) to the minimum.

In order to place a 60 seconds binary options , all you have to do is chose the asset you wish to trade, decide which is the direction you anticipate for this asset, chose an amount and transmit the order, once the order is transmitted, the buying price is listed , 60 second afterwards the option will expire, hopefully “in the money”.

Before using the 60 seconds binary options is is highly recommended to run an analysis on the asset and the atmosphere, since you have to perfectly time the execution.

How to trade binary options 60 seconds

In order to successfully trade 60 seconds options, traders should use essential tools such as the MetaTrader chart which enables them to react quickly to any changes. The very idea behind this trading strategy is based on speed and the ability to make short-term forecasts about a rather volatile assets.

It is much more difficult to monitor trends and follow up on them when the expiry date is only one minute away. By using high quality charts, traders are kept up to date about emerging trends and this prevents them from suffering significant losses, despite the fact that this is one of the most aggressive trading strategies.

Unlike conventional stock trading, Sixty seconds binary options offer the opportunity to trade multiple times over the course of a day. Hence, you can do a lot more trading with 60 seconds binary options than what you can do normally.

Opening long term positions enables the trader to react in one way or another to unexpected changes, and errors can sometimes be offset by the use of advanced trading strategies. In this particular case, there is no time to make adjustments, and that’s why it is essential to acquire as much information as possible before opening a position. The best thing that a fledgling trader who intends to use 60 seconds options can do is to test it on a demo platform before investing any money.

The benefits of 60 seconds

Strongly trending markets represent the ideal conditions for 60 seconds options and with relatively low increments, traders can gradually increase their exposure without risking everything on a single trade. Although this trading method is to some extent similar to gambling, when all facts are considered and the proper strategy is used, the risks are kept low.

60 seconds binary options offer the leverage to steer clear of market fluctuations, market swings owing to popular mood and all other external factors that take more than 1 minute to have an impact on the stock indices or even forex.

With 60 seconds binary options, you can trade in stocks, commodities, stock indices and foreign currencies. Consequentially, since there are enough varieties, it becomes a viable option for many traders.